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Starting with Thomas and Martha on the Smith side, and Robert George and Ann Cook on the George side, Annette has mapped out a ton of family in our family tree.  She’s still going strong on the Smith side, and barely touched the George. We intend to try and write a blurb about as many as we can find info on, and would love info from you too.  This site is far from complete, and may never be, but its fun for us (mainly her, I just help with the tech mostly, but getting more interested too).  We’ll try to make more menu items to link to more specific parts of the families as well.  We are looking for a nicer theme to support it too, this one has some limitations.

George info has been hard to come by at least without being able to go interview everyone, but we have found a long lost cousin that may be able to help.  Have sent a mail to him, fingers crossed!

The tree is becoming huge and hard to view all at once.  The links on the left will help you navigate.  You can view the full Smith and George tree by clicking the root links, or hover over the menu to drill down further into branches of the tree.  I will add more links as we build out more parts of the tree (eg: Uncle Att’s branch, Edwin and Clyde’s branch, etc)

You can also look at the full list of names here to find anyone in particular you are interested in. Or try searching here

We’d love to hear from you, share your pictures, stories or facts please!

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  1. angela keats

    I would love all the info on the George side. I have some and would love more. I am doing a family history for my son Jamie. I will forward you the info I have on the georges as well.

    1. Peter Smith

      Thanks Angela, I know Annette has some, and will map it out as she gets time. We only built the website this week, so still lots and lots to do! Send what you have to her or me (Peter) though and we’ll add it and what we know as soon as we can.

  2. Joanne Pretty Thorne

    I am reasearching my great grandfather’s 1st wife. Her name was Amelia M.(Millie) Smith. She was born (month not known) but it was the 9th day in 1880. In Elliotts Cove Randon Island. She married my great grandfather Samuel James Pretty of Dildo Cove on June 12 1902. On the marriage record it said she was a Salvation Army Officer. She had 3 sons for my great grandfather and she died on Dec. 25, 1907. She is buried her in Dildo in the old Salvation Cemetery behind the new church. I have a photo of her as well.
    That is all I know about her. Just wondering if you knew of who her parents where. I would really appreciate any help you can give.

  3. Peter Smith

    I don’t have all of my research nearby right now, but my short version indicates she may be a daughter of Gideon Smith, originally of Hants Harbour, who with his siblings and parents thomas Smith and Martha tilley founded the smith clan on random island.

    If this is correct her mothers name likely was Hannah Ivany. This is just a best guess at the moment, I’m not sure we really had much info on this daughter, but what I remember seems to for.

    I’ll see if I can find more info tomorrow in a book a family member compiled on the smith’s

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